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SkyCamp 3.0

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RTT Sleeper

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About iKamper

Soon Park dreamed up a better way to camp. He designed a rooftop tent with the space of a softshell and the convenience of a hardshell. No stress, no fuss, just a go-anywhere, do-anything rooftop tent. In 2017, the Skycamp® became the most successful tent in crowdfunding history, raising $2.3 million, well beyond the goal of $100,000!

A love for the outdoors drives iKamper's passion for environmental preservation and innovative design.

The story of your life is told in adventures. Choose wisely.

Featured Product: iKamper Roof Top Tents

Get up off the ground and camp like never before! Each iKamper tent is precision-crafted to give the ultimate in camping comfort..

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