Founded by Bernhard Leitner, who brings a background in aerospace engineering, the company has a strong commitment to engineering excellence and product quality. Leitner Designs focuses on creating durable, lightweight, and versatile solutions that cater to the needs of off-road enthusiasts, adventure travelers, and outdoor professionals.

Active Cargo System FORGED

The ACS FORGED is the Next-generation Active Cargo System from Leitner Designs. The ACS FORGED features extreme load carrying capability thanks to its single piece uprights forged from a billet of 6061 T-6 aluminum and custom 10.9 Alloy steel fasteners.

  • Sliding load bar - Allows you to load large items such as motorcycles and mounted bikes with a twist of a knob - U.S. Patent 9586629
  • Optional integrated Gear Pods - Give you locking, water-resistant storage within easy reach. The pods follow the vehicle body lines that keeps wind noise down and gives the system a factory race look! Gear Pod - U.S. Patent 10259508
  • Custom Black fasteners – The grade 10.9 fasteners are especially designed and manufactured just for the ACS FORGED. The Black Zi-Ni coating is the toughest on the market and each bolt is precoated with Loctite to prevent loosening under extreme vibration.
  • Off-Road Dynamic Weight Capacity | 400
  • On-Road Dynamic Weight Capacity | 800
  • Parked Static Weight Capacity | 1400

Active Cargo System FORGED tonneau

The ACS FORGED TONNEAU COMPATIBLE RACK will ONLY work with T-Slot Rail Tonneau Covers. By selecting this option you already own OR plan to buy a T-Slot Rail Tonneau Cover like the ReTrax XR Series OR the Pace Edwards Explorer Series covers. 

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