iKamper has many options to choose from, there’s a roof top tent for every vehicle - from compact cars, truck beds, to SUVs! You do not need a special car or even an off-road vehicle to join enjoy the outdoors in comfort and style.


Which iKamper Roof Top Tent Is Right For You?

iKamper has a fantastic range of roof top tents to suit most vehicles and camping trips. The perfect one for you depends on 4 key questions:

  • How many people plan to sleep in your tent?
  • What type of vehicle do you plan to use?
  • Do you need to store gear on top of your tent?
  • Do you need to store your sleeping bags and blankets in the tent?

The iKamper Roof Top Tent Range

  • SkyCamp 3.0 Series
  • SkyCamp 2.0 Series
  • BDV Series
  • X-Cover 2.0 Series

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SkyCamp 3.0

From $4,199.00


SkyCamp Mini 3.0

From $3,699.00