Stage Series Ditch Light Kit for 2017+ Ford Super Duty

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  • Bolt-on fitment on 2017+ Ford Super Duty.
  • Allows you to mount two Stage Series LED Pods above the hood.
  • Utilizes existing mounting points for easy installation.
  • Thick-gauge stainless steel construction.
  • Low-profile design.
  • Assembled in USA.


Perfect fitment. The Stage Series Backlit Ditch Light Kit compatible with the Ford Super Duty 2017+ allows you to easily mount two SS3SSC2 or SS5 Backlit Pods above the hood. These application-specific brackets were CAD-designed to install using factory mounting points. No cutting or drilling required! This kit features a low profile design while minimizing glareand will not interfere with raising or lowering the hood.

Backlight Functionality. Both the SS3SSC2 or SS5 pods included in our Stage Series Ditch Light Kits feature a brilliant Amber backlight. This integrated backlight gives you an additional accent lightalong with the main beam. The backlight fully illuminates the TIR opticproviding a more unique and modern look than the small indicator LEDs found in other products. To power the backlightuse the included harness to tap your desired vehicle function.

Built to last. The brackets in this kit are constructed out of thick-gauge stainless steel. Unlike other options made out of mild steelthese brackets are full stainless steel and won't corrode over time. With their thick-gauge constructionyou also won't experience any vibration or bouncing while driving.

Focused. Optics like reflectors or simple lenses lose light internally and to glare. Howeverthe custom-engineered TIR optic in the SS3 and SSC2 collects all of the light from the LEDand directs it only where you need itdrastically reducing glare and improving total efficiency.