SS5 Stealth Grille LED 2-Pod Kit for 2014-2023 Toyota 4Runner

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Optic & Color: Yellow Driving
Power Level: Pro

Perfect Fitment. The SS5 Stealth Grille LED Pod Kit compatible with Toyota 4Runner 2014-2023 from Diode Dynamics allows you to mount two to four Stage Series 5-inch LED pods behind the factory grille without interfering with the Safety Sense feature! These application-specific brackets were CAD-designed to bolt on using factory mounting points on the factory bumper. No cutting or drilling required!

Mounting Options. This kit is available in a two or four-pod configuration which will not interfere with the Safety Sense feature. If your vehicle does not come equipped with Safety Sense feature, you can mount an additional fifth SS5 LED Pod Light on the center of the crossbar for even greater output!

Designed for Performance. Featuring the highest output intensity of any 5-inch LED pod on the market, these auxiliary lamps have been designed for maximum functionality, with patented technology and custom-engineered TIR optics. The brackets included with this kit are made of durable powder-coated steel and have been precision tested to ensure your SS5 Pods will not vibrate while you're off-road.

Selectable Backlight. The Stage Series 5-inch LED Pods included in the White kit feature a selectable backlight with eight different color options, perfect for an extra styling accent that you won't find on other LED pods. NOTE: The Yellow kit is only available with an Amber backlight color.


  • Bolt-on fitment compatible with Toyota 4Runner 2014-2023.
  • Allows you to mount two to four SS5 pods behind the grille.
  • Ultra-high intensity, with custom-engineered TIR optics.
  • Selectable backlight color, with eight color options.
  • Torture-tested, heavy-duty construction.
  • SS5 Pods are assembled in the USA.

Included in the box:

  • Two (2) Stage Series 5-inch LED Pods
  • Two (2) Application-specific heavy-duty steel brackets for installation on 2014-Present Toyota 4Runner
  • One (1) SS5 Crossbar Mount for installation on 2014-Present Toyota 4Runner
  • One (1) Heavy-Duty Dual-Output Wiring Harness
  • Installation Guide