Condor 2 Reg

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Combining what Roofnest's learned from years of hands-on experience and customer feedback, the new Condor 2 has been completely redesigned with upgraded materials, a sturdier construction, and a feature-rich interior that together represents a generational leap forward in the evolution of rooftop tents.

An ideal companion to any vehicle, the Condor 2 houses a queen-sized sleeping area that folds out from a compact footprint. The completely redesigned and reinforced shell is finished with a ruggedized Line-X coating, and now has the ability to mount optional crossbars– an industry first for an ABS foldout. The interior has been significantly upgraded with a dedicated interior duffle to store sleeping bags and a 2” one-piece true memory foam mattress.

Additional upgrades include: 2 HVAC ports for a heater or A/C, 3 dimmable LEDs (interior and exterior), a six pocket gear-grid, blackout tent material, updated 3-way windows and heavy duty lockable latches.

  • Sleeps: 2-3
  • Interior: 81"L x 53"W
  • Exterior: 60"L x 49"W
  • Height: 14″ when closed
  • Max Headroom: 40" when open
  • Width left-right between Roofnest mounting rails: 30"
  • Minimum distance front-back between rack crossbars: 28"
  • Weight: 155 lbs
  • Included With Tent: 7.5' Ladder, Detachable Pockets, Ground Mat, Privacy Tent, Interior/Exterior LEDs, Gear Grid, Bedding Storage Duffle