Athena i Rechargeable Lamp & Mosquito Repeller

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Only 1 in stock
Athena i is the wisest light that protects you from the darkness and mosquitoes. It is smaller than Athena but twice brighter (Maximum 800Lm). You can enjoy Athena i more with various accessories such as a shade, stand and reflector.
  • Rechargeable LED LAMP
  • Mosquito Repeller
  • 3 different Light Mode
  • Dimming (Stepless)
  • 1/4" mount compatible (for Tripod) 
  • Charging Port: USB Type-C 
  • Battery indicator in 4 step 
  • Protect Charing port by rubber cover
  • 1 LM = 1 Lumen = 1 Candlelight