Modular Adaptable Storage System [M.A.S.S.]

The ultimate solution for maximizing storage space in your vehicle while maintaining convenient access to your spare tire and cargo area. Engineered with precision and crafted from top-quality materials, this innovative platform is designed to enhance your off-road adventures and streamline your organization on the go.


Made-to-Order in the USA, by American Adventure Labs
Custom Finish Options Available – Raw Aluminum, Textured Black, Mil-Spec Black, and Custom Colors.
Secure your gear on and off the trail, in and out of the city. Lock your gear down and have peace of mind.
Engineered for Daily Use – Tailgating, Overlanding, & Professional Applications
  • Modular System = Limitless Options

    All modules can be placed on the left or right side of the platform. Design the perfect solution for your passion or profession so you can Trademark Your Adventure!

  • Hinged Platform maintains access to the Spare Tire compartment

    This innovative solution facilitates access to the spare tire, and starter battery in the 4xe Models. The system can be lifted with modules in place! Lifting height is dependent on your specific setup.

Available Modules

  • Platform

    It all starts here. The base platform secures to your Jeep Grand Cherokee using existing factory mounting points. The hinged platform allows access to the spare tire compartment located under the floor of the cargo area.

  • Drawers

    The precision engineered aluminum drawers maximize usable space and facilitate quick access to your gear and equipment. Available in 4" or 6" heights.

  • Flip'n Slide Work Station

    With the fridge on top, the Flip'n'slide is the perfect outdoor kitchen! Pull & unfold to get all flat space you need! There's even storage for your camping stove right under the bamboo cutting board.

  • Flat Slide

    An extra work surface deployed in seconds, a fridge or cooler slide, and even a great base for the Packout Mounts!

  • Packout Mount

    Securely mount a wide range of solutions from the Milwaukee Packout line of products.

  • Heavy Duty Slide

    Perfect for a pile of wood, bags of tools, a fridge, whatever you can throw at it.

Register for Updates

Orders will open in July.

Select Grand Cherokee models have been verified for fitment and units will soon be available to order for shipment and self-install.

  • WL74 2-Row 4xe – Available Soon
  • WL74 2-Row V6 – Fitment Verification Required
  • WK2 – Not Yet in Development

Models that need fitment verification require the vehicle to be with AAL in St. George, Utah. Verification participants receive free installation.

About American Adventure Lab

American Adventure Lab was founded for one purpose – to advance the development of adventure vehicles. American Adventure Lab accomplishes that through an extreme focus on accuracy, continuous innovation, and the real world use of their products.