M.A.S.S. Flip'n Slide! (6x4)

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Flip'n Slide 6x4 Windscreen/Backsplash

M.A.S.S. Flip'n Slide! (6x4) - Raw / Unfinished / None is currently on order.

Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery.

The latest evolution of the quick-setup camp kitchen! This is version 4 of our LoPro Functional Slide. 

As an added benefit of this new lower version, it will fit the new ARB Zero 38 quart on the driver’s side column. I love this fridge, but it’s very hard to fit within a JL due to the squared off nature of the edges. It clears the tailgate handle hump by about 1/8″ with the rear seats up. Dropping the fridge mounting surface for the V3 version was the key and definitely worth the extra development time and expense. NOTE: by “fit”, I mean it goes in and the tailgate closes. It’s still super tight. I would still recommend our 6×4 Flat Slide if you want to run the ARB Zero 38 on the driver’s side.