Jeep JL M.A.S.S. Storage Platform

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Jeep JL M.A.S.S. Storage Platform - Other Color is currently on order.

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This is the base platform to the M.A.S.S. system. It is made out of 1/8″ 5052 aluminum and is laser cut for extreme precision, with a repeatable .005″ tolerance on all cuts for this platform.

NOTE: This version of the M.A.S.S. platform will ONLY fit the JLU (4 Door) or the JL 2-Door with the seats removed.

To make sure your new MASS System is flexible, scalable, and able to meet your changing needs for years to come, the system is built on a standard pattern. Staying flexible allows you to easily change the arrangement or mix of components in your vehicle based on the needs at the time.

Most of the JL’s get the same platform which is the (6X4) pattern. However the 4XE, due to the battery compartment, gets a slightly smaller platform and an abbreviated (6X3) pattern. See below for the pattern configuration for the different JL models.

We build our system focusing on two “columns”; a driver’s side column and a passenger side column to mount our modules. However, the pattern is consistent throughout the platform, meaning that you are able to move the modules where you want them.

Important: the pattern on the floor is not the pattern that will work all the way “up” as you stack your modules. You need to keep in mind the angle of the rear seat. For example, in the JL’s, the 6×4 pattern will work for the bottom modules (ex. Flat Slide (6×4), Flip’n Slide (6×4), etc.). However, for the drawers, you will want to choose the 6×3 versions. The 6×3 is not as “deep” and provides room for the seat angle.