Hest Dog Bed

By Hest

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The HEST Dog Bed was designed for our four-legged friends: small, medium, and large. The Dog Bed uses the same premium memory foam we use in our human mattress pads and the same outdoor tested materials & design concepts. Nothing less for your HEST friend!

INTEGRATED COMPRESSION HARNESS:  The Dog Bed's durable clips & straps make it easy to pack small. 

EASY CARRY HANDLE:  Grab & Go, a durable handle makes transport a breeze 

DIRT & WATER RESISTANT: Waterproof & dirt resistant materials were selected with the great outdoors & dogs in mind. 

TEMPERATURE RESILIENT:  Our temperature resilient memory foam was sourced to perform in cold temperatures. 

RUGGED CONSTRUCTION:  Waterproof lower fabric encases the bottom of the mattress, keeping your adventure pup and the memory foam dry even when it starts to get soggy out.

"If you are someone who’s always on the go (with your dog), like someone who switches between home and office, second homes/RVs, campsites, or various seasonal basecamps, the HEST Dog Bed is a great investment that will pay off pretty quickly … and last in the long run."- GearJunkie